Ellipse Space – 3D Virtual Gallery


Ellipse Space wants to bring different worlds together by creating a place for expression without boundaries. It is an attempt of connecting the physical and digital worlds through an easily accessible experience. It is a way to celebrate creativity and promote artists. 


Vasilis Marlantis – Creative Direction & Head of Ellipse Space
Alexandru “LX” Muresan – Communication & Art Director
Vlad Luca Ilisan – 3D Supervisor & Head of Tech 
Ntatsios “Ntatsi” Kostas – Head of 3D 
Ilinca Pop – 3D & Architectural Design
Charles “CMP3” Lundman – Sound Production
Daria Dragus – Additional Art Direction
Special Thanks:
Joseph Mouzakitis
Victor Maru Kumar
Artists & Projects:
Alexandros “4K” Stamatiadis
Alexandru “LX” Muresan
Kelloggs Pool
Laurentiu Sarjan
LOVERD (by Tommaso Da Cas)
Luana Closca
Polyphonia Project (by Giorgos Koutivas)
Rim “dagsbirta” Mustafin
RC3 X Symposium
Millennial Migrants (by Sebastian “Beni” Hogea)
Vasilis Marlantis


3D Design & Modeling, NFT Creation, Minting